Lively Group

We are a powerful story-telling partner. From concept to completion, our team of editors, designers, CG specialists, directors, producers, VFX artists, digital creators and strategists make brand stories come to life on any screen. Five companies, each an industry innovator in their field of expertise. We are Lively Group.



Design. Animation. Visual effects. From the inception of an idea to the final execution, our work breaks through. What is meticulously crafted looks fresh, alive, effortless…spontaneous.



Our Editors are consummate storytellers. Our staff is unparalleled. Our dedication to clients is unfailing. Built on talent, technology and teamwork, BlueRock is an industry leader that challenges the expected.


Lively Content

Our unique group of editors offer innovative solutions to craft your vision across television, film, long form and commercial channels. There is no project too complex, idea too big or schedule too challenged.



We know your consumer and speak their language. We build and advance creative strategies for a digital generation that plays, learns, and above all...shares.



Everything we do, we do in the name of beauty and luxury. From our conceptual design to our visual efx and photo-real CG, our artists are skilled in the very details that define the category.


Ethel Rubinstein


Lively Group

Our name is a true reflection of who we are and how we function. We are a group of people who constantly challenge ourselves to reach beyond our comfort zone – to take chances, to break new ground. As CEO, it is my job to keep us creatively energized and focused on the future. Keeping it Lively.

Cara Cutrone

VP/Managing Director


The designers, artists and staff at Spontaneous inspire me everyday. Their creativity, enthusiasm and dedication are the company’s driving force. Together with the technical expertise and experience of a collaborative team, Spon is a powerful partner and ally to each of our clients.

Wendy Brovetto

VP / Managing Director


The idea behind Scarlett is simple; create an environment that dedicates itself to the design and execution of high-end beauty. Producing great design and flawless images has always been a passion of mine. Working with the industry’s top artists brings that passion to my life every day.